CO.alition Colfax P Smart Backpack with Integrated Power Supply, Charcoal


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CO.ALITION COLFAX solves modern carry needs by evolving carry to truly incorporate mobile technology in a world where people are constantly moving. Until now, there has never been carry products that have technology integrated into their very fabric that actually works with and empowers the rest of your devices. CO.ALITION COLFAX unites the old world of fabrics and new world of electronics and integrates them together in a way that marks the next Evolution of Carry.


  • Contoured, molded foam back panel and shoulder straps for the most comfortable carry you'll find in an urban pack
  • Foam reinforced side panels not only keep the pack's form while empty but also protect your electronics from impact
  • High speed Pass-Thru charging charges both the integrated power supply AND your device at the same time from a single wall outlet cord
  • Single wall outlet cord deploys out of a special external pocket so devices can be charged without accessing the interior of the pack
  • Compatible with virtually any device that can be charged via USB


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