Winterial 40L Backpacking / Camping / Trekking / Hiking and Day Pack Backpack

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Imagine kicking your hike up a notch. You already know that you can handle a strenuous climb on a gorgeous day, so what's the challenge in that? Why not add the elements to your hike to raise the intensity level when you get in touch with nature. Successfully trekking through rain and snow makes your outing even more rewarding, not to mention brings about a beauty you have yet to discover. So, are you ready to test nature while you push your body to its hiking limits? Of course you are! Just make sure you have a pack that can match your toughness and durability.

The Winterial 40L comfortable strap design ensures that you won't be pinched, chafed or strap-burned during your hike, all the while keeping the pack firmly secured to your back. This backpack is durable, yet surprisingly lightweight, giving your endurance a boost by not loading you down with unnecessarily heavy equipment.

Need to make an adjustment halfway through your trek? No worries! Winterial's 40L Backpack's adjustable hip belt makes quick alterations a snap without unnecessary stoppage and delay. At 23.6 by 9.8 by 11.8 inches, this pack holds a ton without weighing a ton or being oversized and uncomfortable.

For a day-trek, load up the Winterial 40L Backpacking Backpack's multiple securely-zippered pockets with plenty of snacks to keep your energy going throughout the day, and don't forget that important extra pair of clothes you'll need after you accept your hiking partner's challenge and splash through that nearly frozen stream. If you're camping, there's plenty of protective space inside to store supplies and keep them safe as you make way to your overnight site.


  • COMFORTABLE strap design, MULTI-POSITION adjustable torso fits wide range of body sizes
  • LIGHTWEIGHT and durable perfect for hiking and camping, 40L BUILT to preform on any trip
  • Comparable to the High Sierra, Teton and Everest Backpacking Backpacks
  • ADJUSTABLE hip belt for quick adjustments and added support
  • 30 Day MONEY BACK Guarantee!


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